Symbol: BTC

Current USD Price: $29210.6551907

Market Cap: $547,422,283,601

24 Hour Change: -11.48966944%

1 Hour Change: -2.79162167%

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Top 25 Currencies

Name Price 1H Change
ETHPlus $0.00763445905428 -1.56110485%
Unicly Aavegotchi Astronauts Collection $0.998868429126 -10.1430785%
BitcoinHD $1.64038074244 -1.06428593%
S4FE $0.011134491445 -29.50184378%
Civic $0.14873316642 -4.4532033%
Ducato Protocol Token $7.77776522696 -7.39645904%
SkinCoin $0.00112609765815 -10.78277185%
W Green Pay $0.00562459858221 -6.85407299%
Alchemint Standards $0.00031184242841 -3.91990815%
Modern Investment Coin $0.1756816222 2.11993019%
XPA $0.00017324579356 -3.91990815%
Helex $0.141146305613 -0.07069711%
Katalyo $0.0924069519323 -2.76162711%
Rimbit $0.0005 0%
STEM CELL COIN $0.0307933899828 -2.13765815%
MenaPay $0.00735686237952 -1.40379297%
Rally $0.570625581049 -3.72859127%
CVCoin $0.795627435211 2.39755677%
EagleX $0.00029327038079 -2.13765815%
Moneytoken $8.662289678E-5 -3.91990815%
Venus USDC $0.0206228317839 -0.06853077%
Sapphire $0.182981799242 -2.75755034%
Quebecoin $0.00146635190394 -2.13765815%
Ubex $0.00029486182689 -9.15819245%
TCASH $0.00278925727634 -6.2491225%

Major Gainers In The Last Hour

Name Price 1H Change
Zayedcoin $0.00293270380788 95.72468369%
Sentinel $0.0122063652661 9.92524578%
3X Short BNB Token $3.7260635E-7 9.8122179%
DUKE INU TOKEN $6.19792042E-6 9.81215109%
3X Short Ethereum Token $5.27833756E-6 9.78494646%

Major Gainers In The Last 24 Hour

Name Price 24H Change
Brosispay $0.0005481675743 98.904593%
2local $0.00170466164911 98.59292627%
vSlice $0.00586540761577 97.49822866%
Curio $0.440499348869 97.22777806%
ParallelCoin $0.769176337876 946.13626712%

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