Symbol: DOGE

Current USD Price: $0.223838209305

Market Cap: $29,413,660,731

24 Hour Change: 6.30011902%

1 Hour Change: 0.41042314%

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Top 25 Currencies

Name Price 1H Change
Hegic $0.170831678498 0.05233282%
Aigang $3.404539894E-5 0.21086426%
Ghost $0.577582804082 0.63369398%
Venus USDC $0.0208549827186 -0.01589692%
xRhodium $0.794094006109 0.55277937%
Burency $0.0511622990391 2.8802144%
Bitcoin Atom $0.0538203708749 0.55278539%
ALLY $0.00430982753664 -0.49387844%
Tachyon Protocol $0.03713946542 0.57177327%
KIWIGO $0.023352069827 7.92684914%
Spores Network $0.0396000970695 -0.34210586%
Receive Access Ecosystem $1.59726898484 -0.12058097%
Revolution Populi $0.0823045278364 -1.09368467%
IQeon $1.7974741126 -0.1699324%
FNB Protocol $4.093825683E-5 1.71376157%
Bytom $0.061498726523 -1.37178142%
Galilel $0.00050719008876 0.42423088%
Concoin $0.00132345174283 0.55278539%
XMON $6581.42458189 -0.08525743%
Duck DAO (DLP Duck Token) $0.314001840047 0.05304639%
Maple $15.1925879294 -0.02021633%
SpaceChain $0.0318126025978 0.11924876%
Insights Network $0.04981262885 0.07734454%
TurtleCoin $8.806576508E-5 1.21699385%
Bitcoin Gold $55.8672494891 -0.12152447%

Major Gainers In The Last Hour

Name Price 1H Change
3X Short Cardano Token $2.001871E-8 99.94594015%
Typerium $0.00047723117851 9.98210455%
GNY $0.294801124699 9.83054461%
Maro $0.116021473825 9.73118653%
SeaChain $3.36122438E-6 9.49701607%

Major Gainers In The Last 24 Hour

Name Price 24H Change
Vulkania $0.560694057104 96.7135254%
BitMoney $0.00044115058094 941.09049185%
Gamestarter $2.15606561486 94.15345187%
King Cardano $0.00829860708152 93.91507366%
OLYMPUS $1.72385757E-6 9.96751694%

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